Okay, I admit it. At one time, patients dreaded visiting an orthodontist. The situation had nothing to do with our reputation or chairside manner. No, it was because we put braces on their teeth, which they thought was embarrassing and painful.

What a difference a few years make! Today, orthodontic treatment is viewed as desirable, something that shows one cares about his or her appearance. The fact that teeth can be straightened at any age and with less discomfort is the key. Additionally, we can offer better looking, smaller, "clear" and "invisible" braces.

Just as patients are hardly ever too young to benefit from orthodontic treatment, neither are they too old. If your teeth, gums and underlying bones are healthy, you are probably an appropriate candidate. Business people have long been aware of the value of straight, evenly spaced teeth; many are now undergoing treatment to achieve them.

Finally, adult patients need to know that orthodontic care will not disrupt any other dental care. Quite the opposite! As our patient population has grown, we have grown to understand that orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth. In our practice, we are closely allied with other dental and medical specialists (periodontists, oral surgeons, endodontists, plastic surgeons and pediatric dentists) as well as the family dentist. Should any condition develop outside our forte, referrals and appointments are provided. This extra effort on our part provides extra benefits for our patients. Not only do they have straighter, better looking teeth, but their gums, hones and facial structures are also optimally cared for.
While SMILES FOR ALL AGES encompasses the newer concept of adult orthodontics just discussed, the age frame of orthodontic care extends in the other direction, too. Young children, pre-teens and adolescents remain appropriate candidates for orthodontic care.

If you are considering orthodontics for your child, you, as a parent, know your child best. Some kids may have ready mouths, but their hearts may be lagging a bit behind! Or, if they're ready emotionally, they might have to wait for their teeth to catch up. By and large, we can work our treatment timing around all these growth phases, and we never, ever force treatment on anyone you have to want it!
So, once you've decided that you'd like to investigate, WE ARE AVAILABLE WHERE AND WHEN YOU ARE.


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