New Jersey, aside from being the "Garden State", is and has been home to many great artists. Can you match the names below to their correct description? Match the correct number with its correct letter. (We even provide the correct hometowns to help you out!)

Example: Julian D. Freeman, DMD (Tunersville) - - Supersonic Orthodontist!

1. Amiri Bakara (Newark)a. Environmental Sculptor
2. Count Basie (Red Bank)b. Early 1900's Poet
3. James Fenimore Cooper (Burlington)c. Famed Jazz Musician
4. Steven Dunn (Port Republic)d. Oscar-winning Actor
5. Lauryn Hill (South Orange)e. Hollywood Action Star
6. Jon BonJovi (Westfield)f. She's a Popular Jazz Singer
7. Joyce Kilmer (New Brunswick)g. 20th Century Sculptor
8. Queen Latifah (Newark)h. Singer Who Made Ladies Swoon!
9. Jacob lawrence (Atlantic City)i. Author of "Last of the Mohicans"
10. Jack Nicholson (Neptune)j. Singer, Activist, & Actor
11. Robert Pinsky (Long Beach)k. Grammy-Winning Rapper/Actress
12. Paul Robeson (Princeton)l. Mid 80's Hard Rock Star
13. George Segal (Flemington)m. Poet of Simple Beauty Language
14. Frank Sinatra (Hoboken)n. Painter of Harlem Renaissance
15. Robert Smithson (Passaic)o. "Working-Class" Rock Singer
16. Bruce Springsteen (Freehold)p. Poet of American Life in 1800's
17. Sarah Vaughan (Newark)q. Author/Poet Laureate, 1997
18. Walt Whitman (Camden)r. Hip-Hopper: 5 Grammys, 1999
19. William Carlos Williams (Rutherford)s. Pulitzer Prize Poetry
20. Bruce Willis (Penns Grove)t. Novelist/Playwrite/Poet


Julian D. Freeman, D.M.D., P.A.
Specialist in Orthodontics
1601 Walnut Street Suite  #604  
Philadelphia, PA  19102  
(215) 545-3331
Washington Professional Campus,
Units 202-203 860 Route 168
Turnersville, NJ 08012
(856) 228-4600
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