Fun and Useful Facts for Our Patients
Courtesy of Dr. Freeman & his Staff

About your Doc:

Did'ja know that Dr. Freeman plays the saxophone better than Former President Clinton, is a captain in the United States Naval Reserve Dental Corps & has served his country all over the world, providing dental care to the naval officers, enlisted and their dependents at each port of call? He actually learned the Italian he loves to speak while stationed in Sigonella, Sicily and Naples!

"Healthy Family"

"It's not only kids who are wearing braces these days. Adults are having them put on in droves."

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About Nutrition:

Did'ja know that broccoli is a powerhouse of nutrition? One cup of chopped, cooked broccoli provides 90% of the daily requirement of beta carotene and 200% of the daily requirement of Vitamin C, along with hefty amounts of niacin, calcium, thiamin and phosphorus, and 25% of your fiber needs for the day. All this for only 45 calories!


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