Your first Supersonic Orthodontic visit with Dr. Freeman and our staff is Supersonically easy! Because -- we do all the work! We just need your help a little bit... read on to see what happens!

When you arrive for your first Supersonic Orthodontic visit with us, we will have you sign in so the computer knows you've arrived. Next, while Mom or Dad wait in the waiting room, drinking coffee and reading magazines, we'll bring you into the Records Room. The Records Room is where we take and record pictures of your face and teeth. We need your help for this part! We use a very special digital camera to take very special pictures, which we download into our computer so that the pictures can print out... and in color, too! You even get to take a copy of your face and teeth pictures home with you to hang on the fridge, or use as a placemat, or as a mousepad or screen saver for your own home computer!

We also take a special x-ray of your teeth called a panorex; the panorex comes out looking like a great big smile! You stand very still while the panorex machine goes around your head just like the rings go around the planet Saturn.

When we're all done taking all the pictures (don't forget... we need your help to get them perfect!), and when all of the pictures come out of the computer, you can go get Mom or Dad in the waiting room and bring them to a meeting room called the Conference Room. Dr. Freeman and Lisa will join you and Mom or Dad around the table to explain what your very cool pictures can show you about your teeth and jaws.

Then, you'll sit in a chair that goes up and down just like you do at your regular dentist, and Mom or Dad will be on one side of the chair peeking into your mouth while Dr. Freeman is on the other side... you'll be like the middle of a human sandwich! Dr. Freeman will be like a tour guide at Dentalworld while he does a Tour of Your Teeth! He'll point out all of the interesting places in your mouth to Mom or Dad during his tour!

Once the tour is over, we all come back to the table to sit down and talk some more. Dr. Freeman will explain how the position of your teeth in your mouth, and the positions of your upper and lower jaws, might affect their health and well-being now and even later, when you're older.

And... lucky you! Since orthodontists specialize in correcting current and future problems with the positions of the teeth and jaws, Dr. Freeman is just the one to help out! He's not just a fantastic orthodontist... he's also funny and cool and smart... he's Supersonic! And you will be too, as a member of our Supersonic Orthodontic Smile Team!


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